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- recycling of discarded material to make something new that shines in the light reminding us of grandmother spider connecting us all in this fragile place we call the web of life.

Grandmother Spider has appeared at the Rail Trail in Hopkinton 2015, Sprinkler Factory Gallery Worcester 2015, Mosesian Center Watertown 2017.

INTO THE AUTISM (hanging by a thread)

Autistic kids love getting into their own cocoon, treasuring their alone space. 

At times they just collapse into the autism; a cocoon place of knowing safety surrounded by close people who understand the peaceful place needed to go to, to unwind from the stress of the day. 

The hexagon space created by the wire fence is like a bee’s nest. There is protective group energy around this autism, knowing, understanding, accepting. There is a buffer zone around the alone time with ribbons of solid gold interwoven with others creating a kind of fabric to exist in.

Rocking. Singing. Listening. Just getting into the autism that is intrinsic to this way of being. 

The autistic child is hanging by a thread cocooned with services woven together from early childhood education, IEP’s, social services, insurance companies, pharmacies, carefully chosen baby sitters, teachers, language specialists, counselors, advocates, and more. 

I have worked on this assemblage for over three years. It finally came together with the chicken wire and encasing the former frame in a wider community of support. Hanging by a thread, into the autism. 

Original photo credit, Timothy Archibald
​see ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder.
The award winning book by Timothy Archibald & Elijah Archibald

 Grandmother Spider

... continuing using recycled packaging, discarded material reused, repurposed

RECLAIMED, Mosesian Center Watertown May-June 2017
Crescent Moon at Beals Preserve Southboro Open Space Foundation (SOLF) summer 2017. Using recycled packaging material, hula hoop and solar string lights.