My illustration work appears in calendars, magazines, advertisements, and logos. The Spirit of Change Magazine, Lunar Calendar, Gnosis Magazine, Crone Chronicles, and Rowan Tree Publications are a few of the places my illustrations are found. The bold black and white in particular are said to 'hold the page'. 

Please review my portfolio of illustrative work and give me a call for a free phone consultation to discuss your project.

Illustration services catered to your editorial or business design goals. 
logos for:

website artwork
annual reports

Editorial artwork for poetry, articles, books and commercial projects.

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Moon Haiku by Elizabeth McKim

The moon’s a mother
Like a mother she cries for 
Her innocent child. 

The moon’s a daughter 
She disappears for a while
Time of the dark moon

The moon’s a sister, 
She jump ropes with northern star
Till dawn brings her home.

The moon is a friend 
She will never forsake you
A friend till the end. 

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