C A T H Y    W E A V E R    T A Y L O R

Cathy works with paper cut outs. She likes to arrange and rearrange the pieces until she has a sense of balance and message. 

Use of transparency and luminosity lets the light shine through the work.  She also works with reflection to add an extra dimension.  

Cathy often works with multiples, taking one image and making many more much like paper dolls from a folded piece of paper. Sometimes the patterns become mandalas or banners. 

Sometimes a poem will find it self connected to the artwork, and she likes to show them together to fuse the verbal and nonverbal message. 

The printed images from the cutouts work well for individually printed graphics. Prints of her work have sold well for over 15 years. She also has cards for some of her favorites. 

Cathy also works with assemblage as a kind of three dimensional collage incorporating other textures and materials. 

Photography has always been a strong interest and Cathy Weaver Taylor has many close ups of the moon phases, flowers, and spiderwebs, as well as many photographs of shadows and landscapes.  


Crescent Moon at Art on the Trail at Beals Preserve Southboro Open Space Foundation June-September 2017

Grandmother Spider at RECLAIMED, reduce, reuse, recycle, Mosesian Center Watertown MA May- July 2017

-Moving Along and Be Still at Sensory Play, The Sprinkler Factory, Harlow St Worcester 

-Light'N'Up the Winter Blues, Nine Dot Gallery, Worcester MA
luminary window banner installation and luminary workshop

- Mask, Show us your other side, Sprinkler Factory Gallery, Dec. 2016

- Let there by Light, Worcester Cultural Council, Dec. 1206-Februrary 2017

- Off the Grid, Aurora Gallery, Arts Worcester December 2016

-Invisible Children, Healing Arts, Sprinkler Factory Art Gallery, Worcester, September 2016

-Cheshire Cat, Worcester Art Museum, Community Cats, summer 2016

-Pleiadian Blue installation, Art on the Trail, Hopkinton MA Aug-Sept. 2016

-Edward Jones/Creative Underground Littleton MA summer 2016

-At the Crossroads, Arts Worcester ONE June 2016

-Luminaries in the Rotunda, Acton Memorial Library, summer 2016 

-Luminaries, solo show for Arts Wayland at Traditions art space, March, April, May 2016

-Woman’s Art Forum Show at Hopkinton Center for the Arts, March 2016

-Art for Peace, Center for Non-Violence, Worcester Library, March 2016

Snapshot in Time, Davis Gallery, winter 2015

Gray Scale, Aurora Gallery Arts Worcester in collaboration with Fitchburg Art Museum, Dec 2015.

2D-3D Landscape InVision, Davis Gallery, fall 2015

Healing Threads War and Peace, Sprinkler Gallery, Worcester MA, November 2015

Rail Trail outdoor sculpture exhibit, Hopkinton MA, summer 2015

Arts Worcester, Model Behavior: A Call-and-Response Collaboration with the Fitchburg Art Museum 
Dec. 2014-Jan 2015

Small Works Show
Fountain Street Gallery Oct.-Dec. 2014

Hopkinton Community Arts 
Juried Photography Show Oct. 2014

Hopkinton Women's Art Forum January 2014

Arts Worcester December 2013

Southboro Conservation 25th Anniversary,  Beale Conservation Land, outdoor sculpture Oct. 2013

Hopkinton Center for the Arts Member Show Oct. 2013

Arts Worcester ONE June 2013

Arts Worcester Call and Response 2012

Hopkinton Center for the Arts members show 2012

Art in Bloom, Hopkinton Center for the Arts- 2012

Nature in the City, Goddard House, Worcester, MA - 2012

Hopkinton Cultural Council Women Artist Show - 2012

Women Hold Up Half the Sky, Worcester, MA - 2008

Moving On, One Love Cafe, Worcester, MA - 2007

Worcester Artist Group Show, Worcester, MA -Dec. - 2006

Worcester Artist Group Show, Worcester, MA -Oct. - 2006

Women of Spirit, Tower Court Art, Sarasota, Fl - 2005

The Grove Project, Habitat Center, Belmont MA- 2003

Remembering Goddess, Solo Show, Arlington, Ma - 2002

Light and Shadow, Solo Photography, Webster, Ma - 2001

Published Works:

Lunar Calendar, Luna Press 2000-2014

Women Artist Date Book - 2012

The Unicorn, Rowan Tree Church 1997-2008

National Council of Geo-cosmic Research, Boston Chapter    newsletter illustrations 2005-2006

Gnosis Magazine, Life, Death, and the Goddess - 1998

Crone Chronicles Magazine 1992-2000

"Vision and Voices of Women", Crone Chronicles - 1995

Spirit of Change Magazine illustrations,1992-2000

Holistic Health Guide Cover Illustration- 1995

New and Good, Women's Center for Wellness illustrations and logo design, 1998-2000

Beacon Yoga Center Logo - 1998

Ilustrations for Cycle of Seasons, poetry by Tasha Halpert, 1997
Artist Statement
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